Philadelphia Securities Association knew we needed an updated software system, but couldn’t find any programs that would do the job. Fortunately for us, we found Elucidation.

We approached Elucidation with a general idea of what we wanted our software to do for us, such as keeping track of dues, registration, attendance and email tracking. The Elucidation team really listened to who we were and what we were trying to accomplish, and within a month, created a highly specific software app that did all of the things that we were looking for, and then some.

This is the classic case of the small shop being much more nimble and personal than a giant organization, and I have no question that the results are far superior than we would have received from a large company.

Richard Muhlberg, Philadelphia Securities Association

I have been using the HOA plug-in for ACT! for several years now, and it is an easy, efficient way to keep track of each lot owner and any activity affecting them. I couldn’t manage without it!

Kim Brice, Lake Forest Community Association

Our company, FlexoWash, is the leading provider of cleaning technology for the package and label printing industries. We have used ACT as our CRM system for years. Although out-of-the-box ACT software used to meet our needs, as we’ve grown, we needed the software to be more user-friendly and present our data differently.

We weren’t sure how to update ACT to fit our new needs until we were introduced to Larry Krone and his team at Elucidation. Larry understood how we wanted our company and contact information presented.

He listened to our concerns and developed a multi-step plan for writing upgraded programs and adapting ACT so it could better meet our needs. As the work progressed, Elucidation stayed flexible and responsive to help fine-tune ACT and move our company forward.

Thanks to Elucidation, we are now able to instantaneously search and sort our customer data in a way that was not possible before. This saves our sales and operations people valuable time so they can get back to addressing customer needs.

Patrick Potter, FlexoWash