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Let’s talk about your business needs. Together, we’ll craft a brilliant solution.

Sometimes, business software doesn’t quite fit the needs of your business. Elucidation can fix that. We develop custom-tailored software applications that tackle the unique specifications of your business.

For more than a decade, Elucidation has approached every app creation with an understanding that new technology has to work to fit your needs. Plus, it should be simple to navigate and manage, and easy to share. That philosophy has allowed us to build a reputation for top-quality technical as well as user-friendly software.

Larry Krone
CEO, Dark Magician

Mike Grommet
Senior Programmer

Daniel Hildreth
Junior Programmer

We speak Act!

Using Act! as a framework, Elucidation provides a multitude of businesses with a place to store critical details about their customers safely, in a way that dovetails with their industry.

Plus —

  • Custom add-ons can always be created to handle specialized needs.
  • Support is accessible, too! With multiple Elucidation locations throughout the country, Elucidation apps and services within reach.

We speak WEB & MOBILE, too!

If your preferred business protocols are web-based or depend on mobile technology, Elucidation can help you fine-tune that format, too. We can help you host meetings, plan, schedule, book, ticket or register in whatever format best suits your needs.

Whether you depend on Web, Act! or Mobile technology, Elucidation’s industry-specific apps can help streamline your business and make it run smoother.

Elucidation helps you do what you need to do and get to where your customers need to go better, easier, and more efficiently.

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Want to release the full potential of Your Business?

Every business is different. And we know it. That’s why our eager team of expert developers craft customized solutions for your specific business needs. We help your business to scale through the implementation of unique, customized software that will give you a competitive advantage over competitors in your niche market.

Ready to boost the efficiency of your business?

Schedule a FREE consultation today, tell us what you need and we deliver the solution.