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“Obviously, in healthcare, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Working with Larry and his team to process our patient satisfaction data for the last few years has been nothing short of amazing. The quality of reports that they generate for our organization are fantastic in that they are sharp and easily read; from looking at cumulative data to drilling down to the finer points. The quick turnaround from raw data to finished product is greatly appreciated by our team members and customers. Recently, he assisted us in taking on the daunting challenge of creating online surveys. As with any new process, there have been some unexpected challenges, but he and his team have met them head-on and provided solutions that help ensure the same quality we have been accustomed to. From where I sit, I am sure we partnered with the right people to help us achieve our goals.
Rex Crosby, Encore Rehabilitation Services
“I have been using the HOA plug-in for ACT! for several years now, and it is an easy, efficient way to keep track of each lot owner and any activity affecting them. I couldn’t manage without it!”
Kim Brice, Lake Forest Community Association
“ACT! Use to be just a note taking database for our busy office. Once we partnered with Elucidation, we have been able to fully implement the tools needed with a complex database. This has been a game changer for us. As a small business with no in house IT support we were doing just the bare minimum. With the help of Elucidation we have been able to fully secure our data management as well fully utilize our IT equipment to allow us to continue to improve and grow our business. Larry Krone is our business partner and a great asset and a friend.
Deb Boyer, First Security Investments, LLC
“Cincinnati Automation has been employing Elucidation for nearly 10 years to help with our contact management software and other IT integration services. Whether it is with ACT, Outlook, Mailchimp, custom plug-ins, or general server work, the team at Elucidation has been an invaluable resource to our company. Larry in particular has been a great help. Elucidation was able to take us from a single user station with many manual processes up to multiple users, remote databases, and automated mailers to our full database.

The best part of working with Elucidation is the response time. They typically get back to us within a few hours whether it is to solve the problem right away or to schedule a time to perform the work. Knowing they are there to be counted on when you need them is the most important thing you can ask for from a supplier and for that reason we continue going back to the well for additional support. Elucidation is a great company that we would suggest any company, big or small, to work with.”

Alex Smith, Cincinnati Automation

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