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Act! HOA Plugin

Our HOA plugin is geared toward easing the workload of homeowners’ associations by condensing and automating everyday tasks, like ticketing and reporting, allowing for less repetitive and more efficient work. Learn more and download our FREE user’s guide!

Act! Event Management Plugin

This simple yet flexible plug-in allows for one to create events on the fly, while also providing all of the necessary management tools. You can monitor event registrations, check-ins to the event, and even event attendance. Learn More

Act! Zip Code Search Plugin

With this plugin, you can quickly search for contacts within a certain distance from a ZIP code. It automates the software to run these searches for you or save them for repeated use later. Also, you can narrow searches based on an additional field. Learn More

Act! Mapping Plugin

Our mapping plugin offers precise geocoding of a contact’s address. With this, you can view all contacts around a center point on an interactive map, then view directions from one contact to another.

Act! Custom Plugin

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