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Welcome to the “Nirvana” for HOAs. Finally, a CRM software that can be used to manage your Home Owner’s Association organization. Historically, CRM software was only geared to businesses, leaving HOA’s to manage contact information, reports, statistics, complaints, and billing with separate documents and spreadsheets. Now, the Act! HOA plugin, aka LucidHOA, from Elucidation finally provides the answer to all your Home Owner’s Association woes.

HOA Management Made Simple

The LucidHOA plugin is ideal for larger HOA’s who are constantly managing hundreds or even thousands of residents. At Elucidation, we give the HOA staff the ability to work more efficiently and keep information organized and processes streamlined. Now, you can generate professional reports, email communication and marketing materials using a software you already know and love. No more grouchy residents, no more makeshift flyers or inefficient email chains. It helps to see your HOA as an authority figure and gives your residents a place to be proud of.

This Act! HOA plugin gives you the added benefit of using a software foundation that is inexpensive, easy to use, and you may already have access to it. Adding a plugin to your software is cheaper than hiring an intern or purchasing an entirely different CRM software.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

The Act! HOA plugin is designed to work with the existing Act! software. It allows you to perform queries based on predetermined data, run reports with professional quality results, and have easy access and maneuverability to resident information.

  •       Provides a precision ticketing system allows easy documentation and tracking of comments, work orders, complaints to violations.
  •       Scans and drops important records right into a database to eliminate the need for paperwork duplication.
  •       Create templates of customized PDF reports for easy distribution.
  •       Extremely organized to keep time-sensitive issues and important due dates from slipping through the cracks.

Finally! Home Owners Associations have a simple, inexpensive and highly effective tool to organize, document and manage their workload. Developed through direct collaboration with Home Owner’s Associations, this plugin is Elucidation’s extraordinarily easy-to-use ‘plug-in app’ specially designed to work with ACT! — the familiar office software system you already know and use.

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The Process:

When it comes to HOA’s, we understand that each one runs a little bit differently, that is why we custom-develop each code to tell the software what it needs to do for you. The current version gives customization options you won’t find with any other software. The LucidHOA plugin for Act! is the only dedicated HOA plugin that works with your current CRM software to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Why use LucidHOA?

Every HOA has lots of moving parts, dozens of responsibilities, hundreds of records, and endless phone calls, complaints, comments, and collaboration. LucidHOA takes the day-to-day work of an HOA and organizes information and streamlines the processes to make your association more efficient. It is easy to use and affordable for single computers as well as networked environments. No astronomical overhead costs, personnel issues, or additional office space needed. Now, the same HOA staff can do more in less time with the Act! HOA plugin.

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