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Imagine being able to accurately record registrations, check-ins, and overall attendance instantly. At Elucidation, we are very proud to bring that dream to life! The Act! Event Management Plugin is incredibly easy to use and can be used in a multitude of ways to track and record your event’s attendance, growth, and rate of return visitors.

In short, the Act! Event Management Plugin was created to manage events attended by a business’ Act! contacts. This customization allows you to actually enjoy your events, rather than spending the day stressing over counting heads and tallying numbers.

This very simple system allows users to track which contact have attended which event. For example, let’s say Sally attends a Committee Meeting. When Sally first agrees to attend, her contact information will be registered for the committee meeting event. When she gets to the meeting, her arrival time will even be documented for you!

Reports are available for each event to track growth. These automatically generated reports highlight both attendees and no-shows. You can use this information to manage your events in a more efficient manner.

For example, let’s say you host in-house training events. Imagine you have one called “Best Practices,” and you want to monitor attendance.

First, you would flag any contacts who registered for the event in ACT! Next, you check in for that event and it would display all the registrants. Finally, you would then check in those who actually attended the event. It’s that easy!

You can even run reports later on each event showing either attendees or no-shows.

This is the best solution to keep tabs on your event attendance. Call today to ask about using our Act! Event Management Plugin software!

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